Safety Directors Management Statement

It has been, and shall continue to be our role, responsibility and goal to provide the safest possible work environment for our employees and to take practical steps necessary to prevent injury to our personnel. Accidents result in the unnecessary loss of health, time, and productivity. Also, loss of materials, machinery, and money and in most cases, accidents can be prevented. In the interest of employee safety, therefore, we have instructed all supervisory personnel to look for, record, and correct all unsafe conditions and/or acts performed by persons under their supervision. The single most important and effective person in our effort to reduce on-the- job injuries is you, the employee. We need your help in eliminating unsafe conditions and acts. Remember the negligence of a fellow employee could result in an injury to you. Therefore, we request that all employees immediately report any unsafe condition (s) and/or procedure (s) to their supervisors.

Become aware of the hazards that lead to injury and waste. Think about your own safety and well being, as well as that of your fellow employees and your company. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Safety directors complete the OSHA 30 hr Construction training and have on going training to keep up with new, updated laws and procedures. This is then passed on to supervisors and crews. The safety directors have the authority and responsibility to take care of any unsafe, hazardous conditions, and to address any safety issues from employees or others. The safety directors report directly to the president. The president will review their performance annually. The reviews are based on goals and overall safety records for the year. The safety director at the corporate office is responsible for all OSHA recordkeeping.

The safety directors are responsible for implementations of the safety plan, policies, safety handbook, Fall Protection handbook, Drug/Alcohol Policy, forms, procedures, objectives and goals which are reviewed for changes at a minimum annually. They will establish and maintain a safe and healthful environment for the employees under their direction. They will ensure that all workers follow the company’s safety rules. Any issue, concern they are unsure of, they are to discuss with the president. Thomas Black is our acting director of safety.


Thomas Black