Welcome New Employees

If you are reading this page, then you have been instructed by your union local or union business agent, or an R. L. McCoy, Inc. superintendent to visit this page and complete the following actions.
  1. Download, Read, and Understand the R. L. McCoy, Inc. Employee Handbook & Drug Free Policy (Located to the right)
  2. Download, and PRINT the “Required forms to fill out” (Located to the right)
  3. Fill Out the “Required forms to fill out” and bring them with you to the jobsite as designated by either your union hall or an R. L. McCoy, Inc. superintendent.
    1. Please fill out these forms as complete as possible
    2. If you have questions, the on-site superintendent will be glad to assist you
  4. Also bring with you to the jobsite, all pertinent information relevant to standard I-9 Form (i.e. Proof of ID & US Work Eligibility: Driver's License & SS Card/Birth Certificat/Passport or Green Card)
  5. Please have a Photo ID on your person, as it will be required for a Pre-Employment drug test at the nearest designated healthcare facility as designated by an R. L. McCoy, Inc. superintendent.